Since childhood, Trisha has stitched, cut and reassembled everything that would hold still:  clothing, baby quilts, costumes, scenery, a sofa and steel from the fender of an old car.  After many traditional quilts, she became fascinated with construction techniques, improvisational quilting and incorporating alternative materials into her artwork. Many of the materials she incorporates are recycled or reclaimed, adding history and texture to her work. The evolution of Trisha’s mixed media pieces continues through personal experimentation.

Trisha’s artwork has been exhibited in juried shows, galleries and museums worldwide. She has also served on committees and boards with the commitment to raising appreciation of original artwork in her community.  She lives in downtown Portland, Oregon and works in her home/studio in a historic warehouse building that has been re-modeled to accommodate modern living.  Trisha loves the city environment and is a dedicated fan of urban life.